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How to Stay Lice Free in 2019 from Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster

For decades, the standard of care for head lice has focused on reactive treatment using pesticide-based products. “Head lice has been associated with poor hygiene or dirty homes and has had mortified parents treating the nuisance in secret, often to no avail,” said Saea Vivian, owner of Lice Clinics of Canada® – Langley, New Westminster.

“That’s changing as the medical and educational communities have taken steps to bring head lice out of the darkness of fear and ignorance,” Saea said. “Now we focus on education, prevention, and pesticide-free solutions when head lice are found.”

Indeed, the internet is full of homespun advice on how to treat head lice, urging parents to use everything from mayonnaise to kerosene to kill the bugs. Home remedies people recommend range from laughable to downright dangerous, and Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster is bringing the latest science and medicine to the forefront of the battle against head lice.

When you visit Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster you’ll find a bright, clean, kid-friendly environment with a high-tech head lice solution—the FDA- and Health Canada-cleared AirAllé® medical device. The AirAllé device uses carefully controlled heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs (nits). It’s been clinically shown to kill live lice and 99% of eggs on the spot in a single hour-long treatment.

Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster is one of more than 350 clinics worldwide in 36 countries. Lice Clinics of Canada is the largest network of professional head lice treatment centres in the world. The AirAllé device has effectively performed more than 400,000 head lice treatments with a success rate better than 99 percent.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that one in five children under 12 years old have head lice,” Saea confirmed, “and that it has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene. We can also tell you from experience that head lice don’t discriminate, and that people from all walks of life come to our clinic and leave lice-free.”

“We are also adamant about not using pesticide-based products that don’t work—products that can be worse than the condition they are trying to treat,” Saea said. “Studies published in medical journals have found that 98 percent of head lice in much of the world are now resistant to the pesticides used in traditional lice products, and these pesticides have been linked to behavioural and developmental problems in children.”

In addition to the AirAllé device, Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster also carries a complete home line of pesticide-free lice-prevention products as well as educational materials for parents and schools. “We’re much more aware of how lice spread, and how to reduce the risk of contracting head lice,” Saea said. “We work with schools, daycare centers, pediatric practices, and families to prevent head lice infestations, which is the best treatment of all.”

Preventive products include sprays, conditioners, and shampoos that can be used daily or weekly at bath time and act as a lice repellent. All of the products use essential oils and inert gels without any harmful chemicals.

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Give the Gift of Prevention this Holiday Season

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a louse.

Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster has some great ideas for stocking stuffers for parents to make sure no louse is stirring at your home during the holidays and beyond: head lice prevention products.

“You would be surprised how many people give these products as gifts to their friends and family,” said Saea Vivian, owner of Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster. “Once someone has gone through a struggle with head lice, they appreciate the value of preventive products.”

The clinics offer preventive products that include shampoos, sprays, and conditioners that work as a lice repellent. The holidays are a peak time for head lice as kids are out of school and spending time with family and friends. The gift of lice prevention products can help ensure children return to school lice-free.

“These products can be used daily or weekly,” Saea said. “They work by emitting an odour that is unnoticeable to humans but repulsive to lice.”

The products are all non-toxic—an important distinction as many traditional lice products use pesticides as their active ingredients. Pyrethroids, the class of pesticides used by traditional head lice products, have been linked to developmental and behavioural problems in children.

“All our products are pesticide-free—we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Parents scoop these products up after we treat their family for head lice,” Saea said. “They know that the best way to treat head lice is to prevent them from getting into your hair in the first place.”

We also want you to know that if you do get head lice, a cure for the condition is just one treatment away. Lice Clinics of Canada – Langley, New Westminster is the area’s exclusive provider of treatment using the revolutionary AirAllé® device. AirAllé is a Class I medical device clinically shown to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs using heated air to dehydrate the bugs. Most treatments take about an hour and are guaranteed to be effective.

“If you do find head lice in your family, we guarantee you’ll leave our clinic lice-free in about an hour,” Saea said. The AirAllé device has treated more than 400,000 cases of head lice throughout the world with a success rate better than 99 percent. We have the only fast, safe, and effective lice treatment.”

With Lice Clinics of Canada preventive products, when hanging your stockings with care, you can be sure there will be no lice in your hair!

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